Beaming Sessions II

Welcome to the M{IF} Society of Cinema second beaming sessions on Nov 25th 18:00-21:00

This month we are exploring strategies for breaking and subverting the paradigm of colonial narratives, by looking at the work of the Ethiopian-born filmmaker Haile Gerima.

We are beaming the 1993 masterpiece Sankofa, a story of enslavement, diaspora and a quest to reclaim history.


18:00-18:15 Hangout

18:15-20:30 Sankofa (1993)
Mona, an African American model undergoes a journey back in time and place to a slave plantation in North America where she becomes Shola, a house slave, and experiences the suffering of slavery firsthand. This return makes Mona able to recover her lost slave identity and confront her ancestral experience.

Breaking out from the one-dimensional victim narrative, Gerima’s Sankofa portrays the complications of enslaved people (not slaves) who resisted, struggled, seeked intimate relationships, and possessed sensuality. The film’s narrative structure follows the concept of “Sankofa,” an Akan word that signifies the recuperation of one’s past in order to comprehend the present and find one’s future.

Language: film in English



The M{IF} Society of Cinema is a part of the Museum of Impossible Forms and is both a platform and space for watching films and making cinema.

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