Performance – Jowan Safadi – جوان صفدي

Jowan Safadi – جوان صفدي
December 12th, 2017 I 19:00
Free entrance

Jowan Safadi in a Palestinian multi genre musician, singer songwriter and front man of FISHSAMAK-Free Arabic rock band. Mostly known for his sarcastic protest and political songs often considered provocative.

He broke through to the wider Arab world audience with the release of his 2012 album Namrud, breaking social taboos with songs such as “Electricity”, and quirky parody “Poor Infidels” which rapidly became an anthem for fans across the Arab world, and subsequently led to his detention in Jordan, for which Jowan was accused of blasphemy. His lyrics can be controversial– subtly toned with his personal reflections on a wide range of issues related to politics, religion and philosophy, morality and sexuality. These fundamental components are what give his work a rare and revealing authenticity, making him one of the most influential contemporary artists in the Arabic scene.

His 2015 controversial summer hit To Be an Arab reached to Israeli and International media, with a strong message to the racist Israeli society.

While his current band FISHSAMAK is probably the wildest and most energetic Palestinian live band out there, with their Arabic grooves, electro Garage rock sound and an almost insane vibe, Jowan’s latest solo performances in Palestine and Europe are rather minimal, intimate and lyrics focused.

In relation to Finland, Safadi was an Artists at Risk (AR) Safe Haven Helsinki resident in 2016. AR-Safe Haven Helsinki is curated by Perpetuum Mobilε (PM). More info about AR-Safe:

This event is part of M{IF} Library project ‘An Image and One Thousand and One Stories – Creative Writing Workshop’. M{IF} is a cultural centre and a platform for research that initiates from the margin. The project funded by Kone Foundation.

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