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Opening Day III: "Changing urban environment" panel discussion

What better way to culminate the 3-day opening weekend than with a collaborative event with friends?

Museum of Impossible Forms is pleased to welcome Kontula Electronic by hosting a discussion on 'The Changing Urban Environment' moderated by Pekka Tuominen.


Panel Discussion:
Kontula Electronic meets Museum of Impossible Forms #2
Museum of Impossible Forms, Keinulaudankuja 4, Kontula
Monday 12.06.2017

Welcome to the second part of the discussion series dealing with urban transformation. This time we concentrate especially on suburbs in contrast to other urban areas and try to find a common ground between diverse perspectives presented by the participants. We will approach the most significant changes in cities from the viewpoints of migration, feminism, economy, spatiality, activism and urban ecology.

The session will consist of short presentations followed by a general discussion together with the audience. The event is part of Ostarifestari, celebrating the first 50 years of the Kontula’s open-air shopping centre and the opening of Museum of Impossible Forms, a new cultural centre in Kontula. The event is open for everyone – feel free to share the invitation! The discussion will be in English.

Kontula Electronic and Museum of Impossible Forms are supported by Kone Foundation.

Pekka Tuominen (facilitator) is a social and cultural anthropologist who has studied urban transformation in Istanbul for over a decade. He is currently conducting post-doctoral research in the Kontula district of Helsinki, studying the urban transformation of the area and examining new possibilities of participatory urban culture connecting its neighbourhoods.

Katja Lindroos (MA) is an entrepreneur and producer specialised in societal questions related to urban change. She is interested in placemaking, participatory processes and public-private-partnerships. Currently she co-directs together with Ramon Maronier 'Lähiöfest2017' – festival of the neighbourhoods – which will take place in Helsinki in the coming September.

Eeva Berglund teaches and writes on issues to do with society and the environment, whilst participating in and exploring urban activism. She has a doctorate in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge, and an MSc in planning from University College, London.

Marko Juntunen is University lecturer in Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include international mobility, gender relations, multiculturalism, Muslim diasporas and culturally diverse urban spaces. He had conducted several research projects focusing on these issues in Morocco, Spain, Iraq and Finland.

Ilona Ogbeide is a black feminist with a background in geography and urban planning. She is interested in examining urban spaces from the feminist perspective. She has been studying the possibilities of feminist urban planning with the collective Femma Helsinki.