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M{if} and Kontula Electronic presents Tohu-Bohu

The Museum of Impossible Forms together with Kontula Electronic Music Festival

Invites you to experiment with Tohu-Bohu electronic music instruments!

Saturday 21st of April 15h00-20h30

Tohu-Bohu invites everybody to play with strange sounds, loud bass, or even subtle melody. With the almost infinite possibilities of connections between the audio devices, You can organize your own music laboratory. You are most encouraged to experiment with the self designed instruments to produce the most unique sound, each device generates its own type of sound, noise, modulated signals, microphone, time sequencing... Connect them in order to multiply the effects!

Once the se-up is ready, look at the coloured boxes and their cables. The colour organization on the surface, as a painter would say, is the perfect recording of you sound performance. Print or draw on paper what you see, and you will have the music score of your production. Even better than visual memory, the visual score can be archived in the museum and kept safe for the next time you decide to activate them!

Workshop starts

15h00 – 18h00

Performance starts at 18h30

"Gregoire Rousseau & Samuli Tanner plays Tohu Bohu"