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M{if} Society of Cinema Artist Talk : Thinking Utopias

Welcome to the Society of Cinema Artist Talk with Soko Hwang and Ahmed Al-Nawas. On this occasion we will be looking at Urbanism in relation to the moving image.

Soko Hwang's 'Conflict' is a research project looking at the post-Soviet gentrification of the Estonian capital Tallinn. Using film theory Soko takes us on a journey from the production of a 'medievilness' to the erasure of the Soviet influences. He will present a film he has produced.

Ahmed Al-Nawas will talk to us about his research project called 'Kontula: Concrete in Forest'. "They say that problems started with our arrival! We say, the problem is structural!" Concrete in Forest is a remix presentation of archives of, from and on Kontula.

The discussion will be moderated by Christopher Wessels