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ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE @ M{𝓲𝑓} with Ramy Essam - رامى عصام‎

Ramy Essam - رامى عصام‎
May 12th, 2018 I 19:00
Free entrance

Ramy Essam's songs spread in like wildfire among the demonstrators on Tahrir Square  during the height of the Egyptian uprising in 2011. His song Irhal, in which then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was urged to resign, is referred to as the anthem of a whole generation of young Egyptians’ struggle for a better future. 

In the after math of the Egyptian uprising, Ramy along with many many artists and activists, have been targets of state torture, arrests and censorship. His songs were banned and forbidden to perform in public. 

In 2014 Ramy was offered a Safe Haven residency in Malmö, Sweden. Despite his semi-exile condition, Ramy's voice remains loudly singing for the struggles of a young generation in Egypt seeking for progressive and modern society. 

Since 2011, Ramy have recorded 4 albums: Manshourat (2011), El Masala (2012), Mamnoua' (2014), Resala Ela Magles El Amn (2017). Today, He resides between Finland and Sweden.

This event is part of M{IF} Library project 'An Image and One Thousand and One Stories – Creative Writing Workshop'. M{IF} is a cultural centre and a platform for research that initiates from the margin. The project funded by Kone Foundation, TAIKE & SKR.