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Performance Lab III with Harold Offeh presented by M{𝓲𝑓} & PUBLICS

Welcome to the third of our performance series. The Performance Lab at M{IF} is a space of experimentation, rehearsal and performance under the theme The fierce urgency of now. Please note Uniquely this time, instead of the usual Friday, the lab is now on a Tuesday!

Doors Open : 6.30 pm
Performance Starts : 7:00 pm.

Harold Offeh: Reading the Real

Reading the Real, invites a group of people to read a transcript of discussion between Rachel Dolezal, the transracial academic and activist and a group of panellist on a US talk show called The Real. Dolezal who was outed by the media in 2016 after living as a Black woman. The original TV discussion features Rachel talking to an all-female panel made up of women of colour who confront her with their lived experiences of racial difference.

Length: 30 mins

Call Out for Volunteers for a Reading in English: Artist Harold Offeh is looking for 6 volunteers to do a reading of the text β€˜Reading the Real’ in English. The Reading the Real is for Finnish and non-Finnish people of colour.

Volunteers are not required to do any preparation in advance or have experience of acting or performance. You will be given a script on the night and be asked to read out specific parts clearly and loudly for an audience to hear. You will be asked to read the script six times, taking a different part and character each time. The total length of the performance will be about 30 minutes.

If you are interested in participating in the reading, please send message to Mif facebook page or to:
Otherwise no registration necessary.

Harold Offeh is an artist working in a range of media including performance, video, photography, learning and social arts practice in a career spanning 20 years. Offeh, often employs humour as a means to confront the viewer with historical narratives and contemporary culture and is interested in the space created by the inhabiting or embodying of history. He has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Artist website:

Offeh has been invited to Helsinki by PUBLICS. Talk and another performance by Offeh in PUBLICS next day, the 9th at 4 pm. Link to event:

Museum of Impossible Forms is located at Keinulaudankuja 4 E at Kontula shopping mall, 2nd floor.

Accessibility: the space is wheelchair accessible, doorsteps max. 4 cm. Toilet not fully accessible, it has no steps, yet is small. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula metro station.