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Performance lab V: Mermeal / Can I Offer You a Moment?

Welcome to Performance Lab V with an evening of artists' at work and food.

Essi Ruuskanen and Milla Eklund: Can I Offer You a Moment?
6 pm

Essi Ruuskanen and Milla Eklund will prepare and serve herbal tea from plants that they have grown in their gardens. They invite you to share a moment with them in the common livingroom that is Kontula shopping mall. Stay as long as you want, share your thoughts or sit silent, bring your friends or come alone, we are here to spend an hour or two of doing, producing and expecting nothing. 

This is a free event and due to the amount of cups we can take a maximum of 8 people at the same time. You will find the hot tea pots somewhere in the mall in front of the Museum Of Impossible Forms and a Canadian artist L.T. Leif offering us some sweet melodies. Welcome all to common space.

Tuuli Malla : Mermeal
7 pm

A dance, dinner and discussion above and below the table.
Water cycles, digestion, seaweed moving in silence, plastic mess.
Attempts to come together and contemplate on the hot summer,
swimming and drought.

About the artists:

Tuuli Malla is a performance and installation artist who collaborates with places, humans and more-than-humans.
Tuuli is a founding member of Water Bodies for embodied and imaginative evolution as the sea level rises, Encounter Arts for meeting strangers and the performance band Maria Inkoo.

Event curated by Vishnu Vardhani. The Performance Lab at M{IF} is a space of experimentation, rehearsal and performance under the theme The fierce urgency of now. The lab is held monthly and is curated by Vishnu Vardhani and Christopher Wessels.