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M{𝓲𝑓} Improv Sessions V - Ada Hoel and Lauri Hyvärinen

The Museum of Impossible Forms M{if} in collaboration with Äänen Lumo continue the improvisation sessions under our performance theme, 'The Fierce Urgency of Now'. Seasoned local and international improvisers will meet up on the stage of M{if} in Kontula creating unique performances. After the official program everybody who dares to improvise are invited to the blind dates sessions, which consists of short sets in solo, duos, trios or groups with the musician guests. Curated by Sergio Castrillón.

Ada Hoel is a Norwegian noise performer and producer. She is currently doing the Music Technology Master’s programat NTNU, Trondheim, where she’s researching cross-adaptive processing as a production and composition tool. She creates software to do this, and processes vocal, acoustic and electric bass, drum, synthetic sounds and field recordings.

Lauri Hyvärinen uses guitar as his main sound source. His sound and music related activities are of theoretical and practical nature, of which improvisation remains as his primary medium and interest. Hyvärinen utilises the possibilities of improvisation, compositional and minimalist structures in search for shared and intensified social and spatial constructions. 

@ 19:00

Ada Hoel. Electronics 
Lauri Hyvärinen. Guitar

@ 20:00

Earlier Event: 29 September
Zinejulkkarit / Zine launch