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In Practice: FAR Night School x FemF x m{if}: On community care

FAR Night School x FemF x m{if}: On community care

Activists are constantly forced to choose the greater good over one's own welfare. Can this be way of working be questioned?
If we want the revolution to not only be successful, but also fair, should we be paying more attention to the well being of the participants?
In a system that values individuals based on their productivity, can we come up with alternatives that value personal well being?
Can we move away from holding individuals responsible for their well being (self care) and come together to take care of each other (community care)?
Can we ensure that our methods of community care do not reproduce problematic aspects associated with prevalent commodified modes of care?

In this FAR night school session, organised in collaboration with Museum of Impossible Forms and FemF, we continue our discussions around distribution of labour in activist circles. We will work with a concrete example, the organisation of FemF (Feminist Forum) this year. The aim is to evolve a model for collaborative volunteer work that takes into consideration people's varying abilities to participate, distributes responsibilities in a fair manner, and maintains a culture of collective community care.

Participation is open to all, and one does not have to be part of a specific collective or movement, to be able to join and share experiences. Interest in organising this year's Feminist Forum is also in no way a necessity for joining. As in all our sessions, you are free to join for all or part of the session, and participate in ways that feel best for you. There is no compulsion to actively speak and participate, and silent observing is an equally welcome way of taking part in our collective learning process. We do ask all our participants to follow safer space guidelines that we will share at the beginning of the event. We will also have a dedicated person responsible for ensuring everyone enjoys a discrimination free experience.

FAR Night School sessions in autumn 2019 are realised in collaboration with Museum of Impossible Forms, as part of “In Practice”, a series focusing on practical feminist, anti-racist and class confrontational ways of being in different situations.

All sessions are free and open to everyone without prior registration. Sessions are independent, and attendance in other sessions is not required for participation.

m{if} is accessible with an elevator, but the toilet, unfortunately, isn't large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The closest accessible toilet is at the Kontula metro station.

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Museum of Impossible Forms is a cultural space, located in Kontula, Helsinki. It is a contested Space and it represents a contact zone, a space of unlearning, formulating identity constructs, norm-critical consciousness and critical thinking. Impossible Forms are those that erase and facilitate the process of transgressing the boundaries/borders between art, politics, practice, theory, the artist and the spectator. For 2019-2020, the Museum operates under the curatorial theme of ‘The Atlas of Lost Beliefs (For Insurgents, Citizens and Untitled Bodies)’ 

Museum of Impossible Formsis a safer space. It follows safer space policies to create a welcoming, inclusive, awesome environment.

Events at the Museum of Impossible Forms are completely free and accessible without prior booking.

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