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de_colon_isation parte III: the bum bum cream PERFORMANCE by Pêdra Costa

Discourse Series

de_colon_isation parte III: the bum bum cream
PERFORMANCE 26.4. 19:00
by Pêdra Costa

"We move forward criticizing the "colonial fantasies" about our bodies and, specifically, butts. Our fierce criticism comes from our buttholes. Our butthole is our power. So many interdictions, religious and colonial fantasies about our butts. Anthropophagy does not unite us anymore. We already ate them as a condition violently imposed by the colonial civilizing education. Now we vomit them and we shit them. To the South of the world, to the butthole of the body"
––Pêdra Costa, excerpt from "The Southern Butthole Manifesto"

In de_colon_isation, Pêdra Costa creates a space of intimacy and political claim through hers body, live images and "The Southern Butthole Manifesto". From the Global South to Helsinki, Pêdra uses post-porn as a strategy of pleasure, aesthetics and politics. Failure and precariousness are words impregnated in hers biography and artwork. Playing the artist as an exhibitionist, it shows performance art as a place to interact with the presence of the audience and disturb their gaze, through feelings, desire and empathy. The action merges the social categories of public and private, privileges and subalternity, sameness and alterity.

Pêdra Costa (1978) is a Brazilian Performance Artist and Anthropologist based between Berlin and Vienna, working with queer artists internationally. Hers work is informed by the aesthetics of post-porn and an investigation about anti-colonial concepts.

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Image: eSeL.at_Joanna Pianka


Museum of Impossible Forms is a space facilitates the process of transgressing boundaries/borders between art, politics, practice, theory, the artist and the spectator.

This event is curated by Ahmed Al-Nawas.