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Strange Bodies and Conflict of Norms

The curatorial team of veiculoSUR invites to an open conversation. Within the curatorial process for 2020 we reflect on bodies that question the norms, though their social construction as a strange body.

How do "strange bodies" move in Helsinki ?

We will present the edition from 2018 of veiculoSUR and share our research for the upcoming program of 2020.

With Andrea Arobba, David Muñoz, Maëlys Meyer, Marcela Olate, Mario Lopes, Thaïs Ushirobira

veiculoSUR is an impulse platform for artistic networks which proposes an itinerant international residency. It aims at the encounter and dialogue between artists from different countries, a continuous journey of movement and reflection, a displacement from south to north.

The platform is an invitation to approach the economic, social, political and artistic contexts of the respective place and to get to know the ways in which local artists work and produce their art.

In this way, different forms of creation and production are brought into dialogue. Seeking to relativize the concept of a "north" as a point of orientation, other models of artistic creation and production are developed, producing new, diverse "norths" beyond geopolitical conventions.

The last edition of veiculoSUR was held in 2018 and as a itinerant residence took place in: Montevideo, Santiago, São Paulo, Bourges/Lyon and Munich. The next edition will take place in 2019/2020 and will have Helsinki as another place of the project.