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M{IF} and Kontula Electronic presents: Terra Incognita





Friday, 17 May, 2019 Museum of Impossible Forms

19:30 Nicolina Stylianou
20:20 Огни
21:10 Tohu-Bohu
22:20 Linda Lazarov & Laura Nen 23:30 Ana Gutieszca

Curated and designed by soko
Production Museum of Impossible Form Production assistant Julia Reinhard Collaboration Kontula Electronic Festival

Terra Incognita i s an unknown journey that explores the heterogeneous network between organism and technology, between in-human and human, in audiovisual performances. The artists of Terra Incognita attempts to transcend the situated cultural boundaries through synthesizing natural and technological elements in each of their artistic practices. It discover unidentified inner depths: in animality, sensation, and emotion of organisms, which is mediated with analog and digital technologies. Impulse as a primal power is transmitted into electronic energy, which is networked with different materialities: physical gestures, and fragments from field recordings and digital environment that lie beyond spatial and temporal limits. This entanglement enables audiences to disturb our known perception and recognition of sound and to generate flux in a state of transition. This fluid movement is able to produce psychedelic frequencies as sensory experiences. It drives us on a chaotic voyage without knowing a destination.

Nicolina Stylianou thinks in animals. She negotiates the state before the immanent existence of objects, and how to delve into noise. She thinks about the pre-identification of an object and the seduction of aesthetics considering the unmeasurable prompts if they were experienced by an infant. Nicolina Stylianou is a visual performance artist who builds wearable sound sculptures and experiments with sound. Her interest lies within ritualistic loops and looks into the relation between Apollonian and Dionysian culture: information and noise, cognition and sensation.

Visual performance artist, and curator; Nicolina Stylianou showcased in different performance art festivals, group exhibitions and participated in residencies since 2013. She is the founder and the main curator at SENSORIUM SPACE, which has hosted international and national, established and emerging artists, thinkers, and researchers. She has actively participated with her performance in festivals around Europe: Germany, Greece, Cyprus, France, Finland, and United Kingdom; whilst curated, co-curated, and assisted around Europe: Cyprus, Finland, and Italy. Nicolina will soon travel outside Europe with her wearable sound sculptures.

Огни is a Helsinki-based, self-taught underground sound artist who produces tense, esoteric, ambient soundscapes with the aid of hard gear synths, samplers and drone machines. Огни’s mesmerizing solo performances forge indelible vibrations and delve into the depths of the void. Огниhas performed at diverse underground art and music events in Helsinki over the past years, including Retriiti III and Post Bar.

Tohu-Bohu happens to be Gregoire Rousseau latest solo audio project. Gregoire designed his collection of various electronic instruments for the last decade. Tohu-Bohu performance always gathers a different equipment selection assuring different soundscape, even if a taste for modulated bass line and explosive drums may be heard as constant. This time, Tohu-Bohu will experiment with energy from within the body to produce the necessary electricity in order to generate sound waves. A set of four reversed motors will act as the knobs, however these special knobs will require effort... What if the body relation to sound was not precision and speed but stamina and force?

Electrical engineer and graduated from academy of fine arts, Gregoire Rousseau works as artist and educator. Gregoire Rousseau is researching and working actively in the field of electricity, both as a form of energy and a technology. Electricity as a form of energy produces motion, lights, audio, and actualize software. My artistic practice stands for material as language, concept takes form based on knowledge. Study on contradictions generates a field of knowledge and a space for his art practice. His latest works were exhibited in cite internationale des arts Paris 2019, Triennial Georgia 2018, Kaskl gallery/Berlin 2017, Istanbul art fair 2017, Ex Laboratory gallery 2017, Research pavilion Venice 2017, Kunstpavillon Munich 2016, Titanik gallery 2016.

Linda Lazarov sees sound as a means to study trauma through collective unvocalised experiences. Inadequacy, fear and shame present a playground in which submitting to physicality of sound provides the degrees of self-reflection we crave for. Having co-founded Electronic Market collective and played records here and there, her ambition is to weave sonic matter together to uncover shrouded emotions and invite presence of mind. In her performance Linda is studying combinations of synthetic and natural while returning to her roots in northern Finland, accompanied by Laura Nen’s visuals.

Laura Nen is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of dance, video and textiles. In her works she investigates human experience, perception and movement.

Ana Gutieszca is a visual and sound artist combining graphite and sound to detonate sonic universes: she sculpts the unfathomable boundaries of drawing through the creation of analog instruments, the sonification of graphite and its deconstruction into performance art. Her solo performances unfold a dosis of noise and chaotic broken techno with self-made electronics and drum machines. She is a founder member of Third Space; a gallery located in the center of Helsinki where curates the Sound Room project.