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Improv Session IX: Katri Tikka and Eemeli Solehmainen

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The Museum of Impossible Forms M{if} continues the improvisation and experimental music sessions. Seasoned local and international improvisors will meet up on the stage of M{if} in Kontula creating unique performances. After the official program everybody who dares to improvise are invited to the blind dates sessions, which consists of short sets in  solo, duos, trios or groups with the musician guests. Curated by Sergio Castrillón.

For Improv Session IX, Katri Tikka and Eemeli Solehmainen will expand the possibilities of atonal and eclectic sound patterns:

Katri Tikka

In her improvised performances, Katri Tikka explores outstandingly the timbre of the pedal harp mainly through preparations all over the instrument and with extended playing techniques, including different physical postures. In addition, her technical and musical-genre versatility on the instrument generates an eclectic sound result.

Eemeli Solehmainen

Eemeli Solehmainen’s work shows a strong interest in atonality and segmented rhythmical patters, approached in a pointillistic style. On the other hand, his improvisations also display a recurrence to superimposed melodies and harmonies in a more tonal development. Unlike many piano improvisers of his generation, Solehmainen focuses his playing mostly on the keyboard.

The event continues with our regular practice of Blind Date Jamming, where members of the audience may ask other audience members and/or the invited guests for the opportunity to 'Jam' or play a short improvised piece together.



*'Improv Sessions' is a part of the Museum of Impossible Forms and is both a platform for listening to and performing Experimental Music and Sound Art.

**Admission is Free**

m{if} is a safer space (you know the rules)

Museum of Impossible Forms is located at Keinulaudankuja 4 E at Kontula shopping mall, 2nd floor

Map here:

Accessibility: the space is wheelchair accessible, doorsteps max. 4 cm. Toilet not fully accessible, it has no steps, yet is small. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula metro station.