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Performance Lab XIV: Justina Kaminskaitė and Jean-Lorin Sterian

The Performance LAB series by Museum of impossible Forms aims to provide a space on a regular basis for experimental performance and artists. As a lab site, the series is dedicated to test and prototype ideas, strategies, and new languages for the representation of ideas and identities in the public sphere.

Justina Kaminskaitė

"This time, I neither want to explain nor describe my performance, in order to leave space for the spectators' input and interpretation. I put my everyday questions into it, and will try to see how much they resonate with others." 

"travelling light" is her first solo performance piece.


Justina Kaminskaitė is a theatre practitioner and singer-songwriter from Vilnius, Lithuania. At home she mostly works in formal and non-formal education, and is dipping her toes in professional music scene. Abroad, she is a founding member of The Sun Apparatus theatre company (UK). To promote non-elite culture, Justina curates open-mic nights "Stage Experiments at the Urban aboratory" (Lt. "Scenos Bandymai Miesto Laboratorijoje") where people come to share their original work and/or have their first-time experience of performing in public.

Justina also holds a BA in Biology (Vilnius University).


Jean-Lorin Sterian

The Starshitting Show (performance multimedia)

Starshitting is the next revolution. It overflows over the TV stars, Hollywood actors, football players, politicians. When two creatives of an advertising agency join the gang, it’s the sign that the underground crusade is bound to end in mainstream.  

part 1: movie - aprox 50 min

part 2: concert pj.lo ego trip hop - aprox 25 min

Jean-Lorin Sterian is a researcher, writer, artist and performer currently based in Bucharest. He started PhD studies in 2016, researching what he coined to be »homemade« culture, the encounter between works of art and home. Between 2008-2015 he opened lorgean theatre, the first Romanian living-room theater and since 2014 he manages HomeFest, held only in houses and flats in Bucharest. The international version of HomeFest, lorgennale is envisioned as a travelling festival of performative arts among the cities of Europe. Jean-Lorin Sterian worked as a performer for two projects at Venice Biennale, An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale (2013) and The Sinthome Score (2015) when he performed also during the biennale his own project, The parasite socks project (2015). Since 2018 he started pj.lo project, a musical ego trip hop about social zombies.


’Performance LAB’ is a part of the Museum of Impossible Forms and is a platform for Experimental Performance and performative pactices .

**Admission is Free**

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