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Society of Cinema: Teza (2008)

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Teza (2008) is the sixth fiction feature film by Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima.The film is set in the 1970’s and follows Anberber (Aaron Arefe), a young Ethiopian doctor and intellectual who returns from West Germany to his home country. He finds Ethiopia under the Marxist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam and grows increasingly at odds with the revolutionary party and their use of violence to run the country. Through his work at a health institute, he discovers an opportunity to escape to the West and decides to take it. The film explores the intellectual displacement and alienation of the African diaspora, both while living abroad and returning home. The film acts as a thematic companion to the previously screened film Andalucia (2007) by French-Senegalese director Alain Gloms, adding another perspective to the question: “What happens to a soul without roots when facing the disorder of everyday life in a foreign land?” In this case, that “foreign land” being home."

– Christopher Thomas (Curator, Society of Cinema, Museum of Impossible Forms)

Language: Amharic, English, German w/ English Subtitles
Duration: 140 min.

The screening will be followed by a short discussion and snacks.
Bring your own libation {drinks}

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