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Performance LAB XVI: Varia Sjöström, Hatz Lambo & Valentin Kimstedt

Performance LAB XVI: Varia Sjöström, Hatz Lambo & Valentin Kimstedt

The Performance LAB series by Museum of impossible Forms aims to provide a space on a regular basis for experimental performance and artists. As a lab site, the series is dedicated to test and prototype ideas, strategies, and new languages for the representation of ideas and identities in the public sphere.

Save The Date: September 13th 3744
1755th Anniversary of Dust and Seeds

This year’s conference will be hosted by Varia Sjöström and Hatz Lambo. Sjöström and Lambo will have the honour to present groundbreaking facts on historiography: Discovered in the initial Archive of the Founding Members of Dust and Seeds - including the first Prototype of D.E.X.Y : The Rape-Prevention Chip, which kick-started the Age of Non-Violence. Varia Sjöström, descendent of the first Feminist Guerilla Generation – we are happy to have them back! They have been researching on uncontrolled uploads of Tic Symptoms. They will share some new insights with us.

We invite you to be a part of these discoveries. Enjoy music and original sound files from people from all over the world, who planned the former revolution. Our surprise guest: Valentin Kimstedt, a specialist of music from the early third millennium. They will fly in from Istanbul. Food and drinks will be provided by the hosts.

Come and celebrate with us!

Dust and Seeds is a Performance conceived and executed by Varia Sjöström/Hatz Lambo and Valentin Kimstedt.
This will be their debut performance in Helsinki.

Varia Sjöström, Performer, Musician, Actress from Berlin. As a descendent of the Feminist Guerilla Group Dust and Seeds her work is focussed on the Rape Prevention Chip D.E.X.Y. – and the impact of fragmentation through violence. Together with Hatz Lambo, she founded the Artistic Duo varialambo.  She is based in Helsinki.

Hatz Lambo, born 1980 in Germany, works in Literature, Performance and Installation. He is researching on the Rape Prevention Chip D.E.X.Y. – invented by the Feminist Guerilla Group Dust and Seeds. Together with Varia Sjöström, he founded the Artistic Duo varialambo. He is based in Helsinki.  

Valentin Kimstedt, born 1986 in Germany, works in various fields of Electronic Music. He uses hardware most of the time. He collaborates with the Artistic Duo varialambo. He is based in Istanbul and working on the first release with his partner Abdul Jabbar Din. 

The Performance will take place at Kaiku as part of the Today is Our Tomorrow Festival.

’Performance LAB’ is a part of the Museum of Impossible Forms and is a platform for Experimental Performance and performative practices.

Museum of Impossible Forms is a cultural space, located in Kontula, Helsinki. It is a contested Space and it represents a contact zone, a space of unlearning, formulating identity constructs, norm-critical consciousness and critical thinking. Impossible Forms are those that erase and facilitate the process of transgressing the boundaries/borders between art, politics, practice, theory, the artist and the spectator. For 2019-2020, Museum of Impossible Forms operates under the curatorial theme of ‘The Atlas of Lost Beliefs (For Insurgents, Citizens and Untitled Bodies)’

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