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Nima Naderi: Iranian Improvisational Music

Nima Naderi: Iranian Improvisational Music

Friday, September 27, 18:00 – 20:00

Museum of Impossible Forms together with Aman Askerizad have invited Nima Naderi, an accomplished and talented Iranian musician, and Tar and Setar Master, for this session to talk about Iranian classical music and listen to his performance. Through our talks will dive into a conversation on Form in Iranian classical music and Improvisational performances with him. 

Setting up with a short introduction to historical backgrounds of Iranian classical music and its roots, and drawing a scheme of formation of the Radif (The repertoire of Iranian Classical Music), and the structure of it, Nima will talk about the forms in Iranian music and traditional style of a solo/group performance by playing it and later showing us a more freely improvisation and moving within different modes based on artist’s emotions at the moment, within the framework of Radif.


Nima Naderi (b.1977) is an Iranian musician, teacher and Tar and Setar instrumentalist and improviser. He started his musical education at an early age with Houshang Rashid-Mohammadi and later under the prominent Maestros of Iranian music, Houshang Zarif, Dariush Talai, Mohammad Reza lotfi and Hossein Alizadeh. He also studied with Zeidollah Toloui, Davoud Azad, Ata’ollah Jangog, Behrouz Hemmati, Fariborz Azizi, Masoud Shaari, Sharif Lotfi, Ahmad Pejman and Alireza Mashayekhi, and started his professional career at 17 as an assistant teacher in Houshang Zarif and Masoud Shaari’s classes. Nima holds a BA in music from the University of Tehran. Nima shared the stage with Shahram Nazeri and Masoud Shaari in touring concerts in 2001 and also performed with ِEshagh Anvar and Aziz Shahrokh in various concerts. He published his first album “Ey KeDel Dari” by Ava Khorshid Publication in 2006 with Mohsen Keramati (vocals) and Pedram Khavari-Zamani (Tombak) and some of his recent works were featured in Of String’s Song and Reed’s Cry, published in 2017 by Rumi Records in Canada. He is now working on a series of Solo and duet performances with Pezhman Hadadi.

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