Library Projects

Since its inception, one of the core aims of Museum of Impossible Forms has been to house a multi-lingual library, consisting of books, zines, pamphlets and music, films and other material that is not usually available in public libraries, with specific leanings toward works on decoloniality, anti-racism. intersectionality, feminism and queer theory. Within the operations of the library are our creative writing programmes, which contribute to the library through self-published texts, published under the Publishing Table Project.

The Publishing Table hosts regular book and zine-making workshops, similarly contributing to the library and archive.

The Publishing Table is also central in producing an annual edition of The Impossible Reader, a critical publication to consolidate practices, events and programs at M{if}, the first edition of which will be available by August 2019.

To access our Library of books, films, music and to know about specific collections of the M{if} Library, write to us or visit Museum of Impossible Forms on Open Library Thursdays, from 11:00 - 17:00 every Thursday.

*A list of our Books, Films and Music will be available on our website shortly.