About us

Museum of Impossible Forms is a cultural space. For us the Museum is a contested Space and it represents a contact zone, a space of unlearning, formulating identity constructs, norm-critical consciousness and critical thinking. Impossible Forms are those that erase and facilitate the process of transgressing the boundaries/borders between art, politics, practice, theory, the artist and the spectator.

The Museum of Impossible Forms is a space in flux, a platform for experiences and a laboratory of thought. The core of the space is a library and an archive – real, imagined and embodied. Museum of Impossible Forms - M{if} was founded by an independent group of Helsinki artists/curators/philosophers/activists/pedagogists in spring 2017 as an antiracist and queer-feminist project, a heterogeneous space, and as an experimental and migrant form of expression. The Museum of Impossible Forms opens up a broad horizon though its political character, its accessibility and openness, its multilingual library, an ongoing archive, and through its workshops and events.

Museum of Impossible Forms is against all forms of oppression, othering, and discriminations, such as Racism, Ethnic segregations, Casteism, Colourism, Sexism, abuse caused through Patriarchy, Ablism, Body Shaming, Ageism and Adultism, Classism and Elitism.

The Team

Museum of Impossible Forms is the coming together of a collective of people – artists, curators, pedagogists, philosophers and facilitators – art and cultural workers who believe in the need for this space. It consists of:

Artistic Directors

Marianne Savallampi

Ali Akbar Mehta

Board (2019)

Ahmed Al-Nawas (Chair)

Raine Vasquez (Vice-chair)

Vidha Saumya (Secretary)

Vishnu Vardhani (Treasurer)

Heidi Hänninen (Board member)

Christopher Wessels (Board member)