Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki

 Performance LAB

The Performance LAB series by Museum of impossible Forms aims to provide a space on a regular basis for experimental performance and artists. As a lab site, the series is dedicated to test and prototype ideas, strategies, and new languages for the representation of ideas and identities in the public sphere.

Performance LAB is currently curated by Vishnu Vardhani.

 Improv Sessions

The Improv Sessions at Museum of Impossible Forms M{if} is a space for sound improvisation and experimental music sessions. Seasoned local and international improvisors will meet up on the stage of M{if} in Kontula creating unique performances. After the official program everybody who dares to improvise are invited to the blind dates sessions, which consists of short sets in solo, duos, trios or groups with the musician guests.

 Society of Cinema

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an Atlas is defined as “a book containing maps […] showing where particular things are made, found, etc.” Hence one can have an atlas of fine wines, or an atlas of British plants. One could, by definition, also have an atlas of hip hop, an atlas of fine curries, or an atlas of myths.

The latter is what the Society of Cinema wants to create. Needs to create. This need is urgent. In the near future you won’t own or hold an atlas – you will pay a subscription to open it and turn its pages; you will rent the privilege of seeing the world and the things in it. And what those things are will be up to those who own the atlas, and what pages they deem more important or profitable…

The Society of Cinema plans to build own our Atlas, a collection of films that can be accessed and seen for free. 

M{if} Discursive Series

The Discursive Series takes as its starting point the CUMMA Discourse Series. A series of monthly dialogue with invited curated was initiated by Professor Nora Sternfeld, when she was the Professor of Curating Mediating and Managing Arts (CuMMA) program at Aalto University. The Series, conducted in Museum of Impossible Forms during the last year of Professor Sternfeld’s tenure at Aalto, is now taken forward as The M{if} Discursive Series – including not only curators, but artists and practitioners from various fields – to critically engage with issues of Decoloniality, intersectional Feminism, and Queer Theory.

The Discursive Series is curated by different members of the Museum of Impossible Forms

 Ubuntu Film Club